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A global pharmaceutical company is targeted by unscrupulous Chinese hackers in an attempt to steal the secret formula for the Alzheimer’s drug.
Social Engineer

SECRETS: Expert security consultant Brody Taylor is contracted in to test the company’s digital-defences. But as he social engineers his way to the company’s most secure systems, Brody uncovers a secret the company needs to keep under wraps.

LIES: In his private life, Brody has social engineered a beautiful French animal rights activist into becoming his new girlfriend. But as he unexpectedly falls head-over-heels, Brody realises he has trapped himself in a set of lies of his own making. He knows he has to come clean even though the truth will probably destroy their affair.

CHOICES: Will Brody break his contract and expose the pharmaceutical company’s secret, especially when he knows it could save his relationship with Mel? Or will he remain professional and lose everything?

SOCIAL ENGINEER is a short 60-page standalone novella that introduces Brody Taylor, professional social engineer: an expert in technologically and psychologically influencing people into taking actions that may not be in their best interest.



“Fascinating characters and enough mystery to keep you reading and wishing to know more – quavering as you learn just how vulnerable we all are to those who would do us harm. After reading this book, you just might be reluctant to go on line ever again.”
— Charles A. Ray, Amazon Reviewer

“The story telling flows easily, making this short story readily readable in one sitting. It’s a fun but engaging introduction to Brody, his world and talents. Cleverly written too, in that it gives you a little ‘ooh… I see how this ties together’ moment which is always rewarding!”

— Mark Diez, Goodreads Reviewer

“The novella introduces an unlikely hero; unlikely, that is, to this former soldier and diplomat. Brody Taylor is not made of the same stuff as the spy in a Ludlum novel; no, indeed. He’s much more believable. Sutherland gives life to a character whose humanity permeates his feats. He gives us a hero, so to speak, we can ‘sink our teeth in.’ “
— Dan Santos, Amazon Reviewer, Author and Former US Diplomat

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  1. John Davies says:

    The Social Engineer contains technical accuracy written in a way that everyone can grasp, which really brings home the fact that everything that happens in this book is being done by hackers (ethical and malicious) every minute of every day in every country – not only a great read but a salutary reminder to us all that cyber crime is real.