Non-Fiction for Authors

As an indie author, Ian has focused on all aspects of writing, publishing and marketing his fiction thrillers. As part of this, Ian has developed and adopted a wide range of strategies to help readers discover his books. Some of these he shares as tips here on his website.

In particular, Ian has found Twitter to be one of the best social media platforms from which to market and sell his books. But, you can’t just spam your Twitter followers to death! And so Ian has developed a set of advanced techniques to help authors sell more books. He reveals his secrets in this new non-fiction book, due for publication on April 14th, 2014.

Twitter techniques to help you sell your book – in under 15 minutes a day!

Here’s the blurb:

Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors is for fiction and non-fiction authors, published and yet-to-be-published, who want to take advantage of Twitter to proactively market their books but without ever being perceived as a spammer.

It reveals how to exponentially grow your follower base into the tens and hundreds of thousands by attracting the attention of people interested in your niche. It discloses how to become an effective Twitter influencer on the subject or themes of your books. It divulges how to engage effectively while always coming across as human.

By applying the techniques divulged in this guide you will make Twitter a cornerstone of your book marketing strategy and will systematically drive thousands of potential purchasers to your books’ retail storefronts.

And, as an author’s time is precious, it reveals how to achieve all this in under 15 minutes a day!

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