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. . . email me proof of purchase and I will gift you TWO bestselling eBooks – for FREE!!

“Sutherland deftly weaves dramatic, humanly plausible police procedure with very high-level hackery to form a novel both intricately plotted and meticulously produced.” 
Sean Randall, Goodreads Top 50 Reviewer
“Invasion Of Privacy is snappily written by someone who certainly sounds as if he knows his cyber stuff but has a sharp enough turn of phrase to deliver the technobabble in entertaining and enlightening byte-size chunks.”
Roweena Hoeseason, Amazon Hall of Fame/Top 50 Reviewer

Choose TWO eBooks from the following list of BESTSELLING THRILLERS from ESTABLISHED AUTHORS currently riding high in the Amazon charts!

Red Light Graham Masterton Little Girl Lost Hard Landing run girl Hush Now Baby The Reluctant Detective
Secrets of the Kill Meet Me in Malmo Seven Unholy Days girl jacked Without Trace White Jade

(Click on any of the above books to view them on Amazon.com)

Are these good books?


I’ve only chosen high quality thrillers or above for this promotion!

Amazon USA ★★★★★
Amazon UK ★★★★★
Invasion of Privacy
Average rating of the bestsellers above
“All in all I highly recommend this book – equally as enjoyable for women as men!”
Amazon Reviewer
“I thought I had the baddie pegged at Chapter 2 but no, a great twist, and an ending that had me in tears – and wanting more.”
Amazon Reviewer

Why make this offer?

Simple. I’d like you to take a chance on a new rising author. His name is Ian Sutherland 😉

And to convince you to take that chance, I want to make your purchase risk free by giving you TWO books from well-known bestselling authors.

And giving you a GREAT DEAL at the same time!


To take advantage of this offer, order INVASION OF PRIVACY from either Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk now!!


amazoncom amazonuk


How do I receive my two free eBooks?

  1. Email me proof of your purchase of INVASION OF PRIVACY from Amazon.com OR Amazon.co.uk. You can forward me the email invoice you receive from Amazon or send me a screenshot from your Amazon account’s order history.
  2. My email address is ian AT ianhsutherland.com. (Replace ‘AT’ with ‘@’).
  3. Your order needs to have been placed after October 1st, 2014.
  4. In the email, tell me which two of the above bestselling books above you wish to be gifted.
  5. Make sure you email me from the email address that you log into Amazon with.
  6. For Amazon.com customers, I will use the ‘Give as a gift’ feature specifying your email address as the recipient for your two choices of bestselling books. You will then receive two emails from Amazon each with one gift, which you can click on to accept and download to your kindle.
  7. For Amazon.co.uk customers, I will send you two separate Amazon.co.uk gift vouchers. Each will be redeemable one of your two choices of bestselling book. Order both books and at checkout use the corresponding gift card code to receive each book for free.

And that’s it!




  1. Only applies to purchases of Invasion of Privacy placed between October 1st, 2014 and October 31st, 2014.
  2. Only open to customers placing orders on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk. Purchases from other Amazon sites worldwide or other eBook retailers are not eligible.
  3. Proof of purchase needs to be emailed to ian AT ianhsutherland.com. Acceptable proofs are the email order confirmation received from Amazon for the purchase of Invasion of Privacy OR a screenshot of your account’s order history showing the purchase of Invasion of Privacy. The order date must be visible. Downloads via Kindle Unlimited or Kindle Owners Lending Library are excluded.
  4. We reserve the right to add to or replace the books included in the promotion at any time.
  5. If the price of either of your chosen bestselling eBooks increase above $0.99c on Amazon.com or £0.79p on Amazon.co.uk. we reserve the right to offer you alternative eBooks priced at $0.99c/£0.79p or below.  
  6. The two free eBook gift vouchers will be emailed to you within three days of your order confirmation being received.

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