About the Author

034 Ian SutherlandIan Sutherland used to be a computer geek. A nerd. An anorak. A techie. There are even pictures, but they were printed on old-skool Kodak photo paper and will never be allowed near a digital scanner. Unsurprisingly, Ian left school to become a computer programmer. But soon his suppressed personality started to eek out, getting in the way of his programming, and Ian accidentally discovered that he could communicate with people. And not just through email but occasionally even face-to-face!

Slowly, Ian’s IT career morphed and he became an IT consultant, advising companies on their use of technology. Eventually, Ian completed his transformation and became an IT salesman, his geeky past from 25-years before mostly forgotten. Even now, his customers and colleagues have no idea that hidden beneath the 46-year old’s charismatic outgoing personality – ahem! – is that young geek. The only visible clues are in the overly complex spreadsheets he develops to track sales performance metrics.

But all the way through his IT career, Ian has harboured a secret desire to be a published author. An A-level in English Literature deluded him into thinking he could pull this feat off, but after twenty years and numerous attempts he had never made it past the third chapter. Before it became too late, Ian knuckled down and, three years later, finally completed his first novel in early 2014.

Taking full advantage of his technological career, Ian has written a crime thriller that has our modern-day dependence on technology front and centre. A computer hacker reluctantly works with police detectives to hunt down a serial killer luring young women to their deaths after secretly observing them on an illegal website that hacks into private webcams.

Invasion of Privacy was released on August 7th, 2014 and marked the moment where all versions of Ian Sutherland – the geek, the salesman and the writer – came together as one. He even went one step further and released a prequel novella, entitled Social Engineer, on the same day!

Ian was interviewed in OpeningLine Literary ‘Zine in September 2013. You can learn more about Ian from the interview, reproduced here.


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