Launched Today! Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors by Ian H Sutherland

At last, today is April 14th which means my first non-fiction book is finally published. It’s called Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors: Twitter techniques to help you sell your book – in under 15 minutes a day!

twittermockup13As a published author, I talk to other writers all the time, who all suffer the same dilemma that I used to suffer from: the requirement that an author be active and visible on social media even though doing so takes massive chunks out of the valuable writing day. They cry out for a way to be more effective on social media yet spend less time doing it.

Faced with exactly this problem, I decided to invest my time in developing and refining the techniques which I now reveal in this book. The end result is an approach that meets the specific needs of authors, whose time is very precious, but who want to benefit from the incredible power and reach of Twitter to sell more books.

“I loved that everything was practical and actionable, which is often not the case with many of the author books purporting to help authors do/achieve various things. I definitely take my hat off to the author for the time it must have taken to develop such a powerful and effective system – no mean feat!” — Marsha Pink, Author & Entrepreneur

“If you’re an Author, then Ian’s ‘Advanced Twitter Strategies’ is for you. He offers an approach that minimizes the time you need to spend on Twitter, but maximizes your engagement. I applaud his work, especially the 10 daily steps, which is simple to follow & achievable in under 15 minutes.”  Gary Hyman, Social Media Consultant, Strategist & Coach

Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors reveals how to effectively exploit Twitter to market your books and systematically drive thousands of potential purchasers to your works on Amazon and other retailers.

You’ll learn:

  • How to attract over 400 new followers. Every day!
  • How to avoid being perceived as a spammer while boldly promoting your books.
  • Why becoming an effective influencer on the subject or themes of your books helps you sell more.
  • How to engage effectively while always coming across as human.
  • How to focus your time on Twitter into 15 incredibly productive minutes a day!

These techniques are equally applicable to fiction and non-fiction authors. And also to published and yet-to-be-published authors.

Implement the techniques revealed in Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors and witness the traffic visiting your books’ storefronts massively increase!

If you’d like to read the opening chapters, please join my Advanced Twitter Tips mailing list and you’ll automatically receive the opening chapters of the book for free, as well as new Twitter Tips as I develop them (which I seem to do fairly regularly!).

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