“All in all this an accomplished thriller”

A balanced and in-depth review of Invasion of Privacy by Roweena Hoseason of the prestigious crime and sci fi blog site, Murder, Mayhem & More.

I’m dead chuffed that the book defied her expectations, which had been set from reading so many clichéd cyberthrillers. “All in all this an accomplished thriller”.

Read on for the full review…


Invasion of PrivacyInvasion Of Privacy utterly defied my expectations, I’m pleased to say. I’ve tried to read several ‘cyber thrillers’ before and they’ve all defeated me. You either drown in unintelligible geek speak or, at the other end of the spectrum, get the impression that the author know nothing about what he spik and is merely one page ahead in the user manual. So I was cautious; even more so when I read the blurb which suggested several crime-thriller clichés like the spunky woman detective making her way in the man’s world despite the frailty of her inner femininity, blah blah woof woof. By this point I’ve normally left the building and gone for coffee.

Happily, there’s none of that tosh in Invasion Of Privacy. It’s snappily written by someone who certainly sounds as if he knows his cyber stuff but has a sharp enough turn of phrase to deliver the technobabble…

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