Press Release: Invasion of Privacy


As cybercrime and surveillance hits the headlines day after day, a debut author’s crime thriller forces us to face our worst fears about going online


Anyone concerned about being or becoming a victim of cybercrime should read this intricately plotted crime thriller which details an all-to-plausible worst case scenario. Written primarily for entertainment, this debut novel also serves as a warning siren to our growing dependence on modern-day technology and social media.

London, England – 7th August, 2014 – Ian Sutherland has tapped into his twenty-five year IT career to craft an intricately plotted crime thriller called ‘Invasion of Privacy’, released today. Available globally in Kindle and paperback, Ian’s debut novel mixes a traditional serial killer hunt with computer hackers and an impregnable website voyeuristically spying on an unwitting British public.

Masked within a complex suspense driven narrative with a strong cast of characters, the technological aspects of the novel are all technically accurate in their depiction, and encourages the reader to think twice about their online persona and how easy it is for computer hackers to exploit them. As today’s headlines more frequently bring cybercrime and surveillance to the forefront of our minds, ‘Invasion of Privacy’ takes these reported scenarios to a fictional but plausible extreme in order to illustrate the dangers we face.

“Most novels, movies and television shows involving computer hackers take the Hollywood approach and make them all-powerful superbeings, able to penetrate the most secure systems in a few mouse clicks. I’ve gone for a more realistic approach where all the techniques shown are real. As well as entertaining readers, my hope is that it will scare them into changing the way the protect themselves online.” Ian Sutherland, Author of Invasion of Privacy.

‘Invasion of Privacy’ is available in eBook format exclusively from Amazon and in paperback format from all online book retailers. It is priced in the UK at £9.99. To coincide with the launch, the prequel to Invasion of Privacy, a short novella called ‘Social Engineer’, has also been released and has been made available for free in eBook formats from all online retailers.

About Ian Sutherland: Ian Sutherland is a British crime thriller author. Leveraging his career in the IT industry, Ian’s Deep Web Thriller Series shines light on the threats we face from cybercrime as it becomes all too prevalent in our day-to-day lives. Ian lives near London with his wife and two daughters.

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